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Gold Rings and Earrings

Welcome to LoveLeeOr ✨

My name is Lihi and i am the owner / designer of LoveLeeOr. Self Care Bling as your daily dose of meaning.
Every piece I design is intentional and purposeful.
Think of it like a tattoo, or a post-it note. It’s there to offer a reminder, an encouragement , something that helps you stay focused on what you want and touches your heart.
I believe that thoughts create reality and i'm here to offer a small tool on the journey to create yours.

Always made with lotsa love, right here in Los Angeles.

Not only is Loveleeor my favorite gift to give friends, but these pieces
(of which I now own four) are conversation starters.
Jewelry isn't solely about fashion; the items we wear represent energy,
manifestation, and who we are.
We all can express ourselves through what we wear, which is why I love LoveLeeOr!
Jennifer Griffith, Podcast Host & Writer
What makes this Jewelry so unique is the profound meaning behind the pieces.
It's as if the jewelry not only adorns us but also serves as a source of inspiration and reflection.
These pieces have sparked many meaningful conversations and have become a
catalyst for personal growth and understanding.
Amy Stearley, Stylist
I purchased the 'Unconditional Love' Gold necklace
a couple of years ago and i have never taken it off.
I see it as a talisman. I keep holding it throughout the day
when i need some guidance and support and it makes me feel great !
Shawn Wilson, Founder Soulful Staging & Design
I've been obsessed with Loveleeor since the start. I own 4 different pieces.
My job as a social worker can be draining and just a glimpse at my ring or
holding on to my charm will remind me of my purpose.
I've given Loveleeor pieces as gifts to many of my girlfriends who have become forever fans too.
Lisa Erickson, Social Worker