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Gold Rings and Earrings

About Us



LoveLeeOr pieces are designed in Los Angeles with meaning and intention at their core.

They are inspired by mysticism, symbolism, nature and Lihi's Jewish roots.

Made locally using sustainable practices, these mindful adornments are tools for self-discovery and living purposefully.

Our packaging is simple and is reusable, recyclable and even compostable, cause ya know, it’s what’s on the inside that counts :)




About the Designer

Lihi Orbach was born and raised in Israel.

Her parents were big on Art, books and aesthetics and she was exposed from a young age to museums and culture ( much to her dismay as an 8 year old kid ).

Creativity was always part of her family and she also had the bug - for her it was music.

Her late teens and early twenties brought on many challenges and she embarked on a journey of self discovery that is still going strong to this day.

In 1999 she moved to New York City to study Sound Engineering and became an Audio Post Engineer for commercials and documentaries for the past 20+ years.

Her love for design, creativity and spirituality all came together with the birth of Loveleeor.

Lee Or means My Light in Hebrew, with a sprinkle of Love on top :)

Lihi now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two daughters and dog-daughter Willow.