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About Us


Loveleeor is committed to creating pieces that go beyond just aesthetic appeal. Each one is intentionally designed in Los Angeles to carry deeper meaning inspired by mysticism, symbolism, nature and Lihi's Jewish heritage. Pieces that are crafted to be tools for a deeper connection to self .

In keeping with this mindful philosophy, every product is made locally through sustainable production practices. The simple packaging is also eco-friendly - reusable, recyclable or compostable - because it's whats on the inside that counts :)
A core tenet of Loveleeor is making our pieces accessible to as many people as possible. We consciously price the brand's products at a lower point compared to industry norms.
This fair, customer-centric approach is part of Lihi's broader philosophy. That's why you won't find Loveleeor in many traditional retail stores . Instead, they're sold directly online and through selective conscious retailers.
Accessible pricing never compromises quality or sustainable production standards, it simply cuts out non-essential costs to offer premium craftsmanship at a direct-to-you value.

It's all part of the brand's vision to empower people on their journey of connection.




About the designer

Lihi Orbach was raised in Israel, surrounded by art, books, and creative influences from a young age. Though she didn't fully appreciate it as a child, the seeds of creativity were planted early.

In her late teens and twenties, Lihi went through a period of self-discovery. Her path eventually led her to New York City to study sound engineering. For over 20 years, she worked as an audio post engineer, honing her technical skills on commercials and documentaries.

But Lihi's passions extended beyond audio work. Her love of design, creativity, and spirituality converged, and in 2021 she launched Loveleeor. The name combines "love" with the Hebrew phrase "lee or," meaning "my light."

Today, Lihi resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two daughters, and dog Willow. With Loveleeor, she's been able to integrate her diverse interests and background into a multifaceted creative endeavor.

Lihi continues to explore her manifold artistic callings through Loveleeor. Her journey of expression and self-discovery continues to unfold.