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Deep Dive // Down to Earth

The Down to Earth Collection is a collaboration between Shelly -  @shellyshumblekitchen and myself. Shelly is a dear friend, chef and food blogger. Our shared love of vegetables, herbs  and their properties inspired this collection. 

Charms like little treasures to remind us that nature’s harvest nourishes not just the body, but the soul too.



The artichoke's thorny protection shields a tender heart. 

A reminder for compassion and letting go.

The artichoke represents how we must peel away harsh judgment to reveal the soft compassion within. As we share in slowly unveiling its hidden potential and nourishment, we learn patience and community. The artichoke embodies the journey to our spiritual core. With care and courage, we can blossom.

Artichokes are nourishing due to their high fiber, vitamin, and mineral content. Some cultures see them as a symbol of nurturing oneself and others spiritually through inner nourishment.

The heart or center of an artichoke represents one's untapped potential. As you peel away the exterior and move closer to the center, you metaphorically uncover your true promise.

As you must detach each leaf of the artichoke to reach the heart, it symbolizes letting go of attachments and perceptions.

Like a blooming flower, the artichoke contains wondrous potential waiting to be uncovered. Its thorny exterior and leafy layers exist to protect the soft, open heart sheltered inside. As we journey through life, we too must peel away the hard shells we build around our own hearts.



Garlic is the ultimate spiritual cleanser, healer &  protector.

Garlic protects us. Its pungent aroma and taste dispel negative energies, ward off evil spirits, and create a barrier against harm. By cleansing our body, mind, and soul, garlic drives away draining forces that weaken us. It bolsters our strength, both physically and spiritually.

Garlic has the gift of restoration. No matter our ailments, physical or mystical, garlic's healing nature can mend, revitalize and make us whole again. It purifies us, bringing light where there is darkness.



Star Anise empowers you to find clarity and follow your true north star.

It is also referred to as 'Nature's Guiding Light'

Star anise bears the shape of its name - a starburst containing magic. This meticulous fruit pod carries the warming energy of the sun, illuminating the way forward.

In Feng Shui, star anise brings powerful luck and protection when placed by entryways. Its vibrant aura deters harm and invites fortune.

As one of the 5 spices in China's "five spice powder," star anise enhances flavors to balance yin and yang. Its licorice notes awaken, brighten and strengthen.

Throughout history, healers have used star anise to remedy ailments, re-energize vitality and restore holistic balance. It cleanses the mind, body and soul.

Star anise connects us to a guiding light within. Let it be a reminder of your inner radiance. Its protective aura empowers you to find clarity, move past obstacles, and follow your true north star.



LoveLeeOr Charms Down To Earth //  Cabbage

The cabbage leaves symbolizes personal growth, spiritual unfolding and change.

Do not be deceived by cabbage's humble exterior. This sturdy, abundant vegetable carries deep magic within its leaves.

Cabbage has fed and sustained families for generations. In many cultures, cabbage harvests signaled a time of plenty after months of scarcity. To eat cabbage was to taste hope, rebirth, and the promise of brighter days ahead.

The folding and unfolding of cabbage leaves represent personal growth, spiritual unfolding, and transitions in life. Cabbage's ability to be preserved through fermentation is also symbolic of transformation.

Cabbage also reminds us of nature's infinite capacity for regeneration. Cut just a piece of the head, and it will regrow with vigor, emerging with more vitality than before. We too hold this power of renewal inside us.  



A symbol of renewal and rebirth.

At the heart of the lotus root's sacred meaning lies powerful symbolism of rebirth, renewal and the eternal cycle of life. Each night, the lotus plant's beautiful flowers retract back into the muddy waters, only to bloom again in the morning sun.

This continual process of awakening, retreat and rebirth represents the transient nature of existence and the perpetual opportunity for growth, change and  renewal available to each of us. Just as the lotus blossoms emerge vibrant and pure from the murky waters, we too can rise above life's difficulties reborn with perspicacity and grace.

The lotus root itself exemplifies this symbolic rebirth through its propagation system. The plant multiplies and spreads anew each season through the germination of its underwater roots and rhizomes. This innate rejuvenation demonstrates nature's incredible resilience and regenerative powers.


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Lihi Forney